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Happy Birthday Elsa

Happy Birthday Elsa the lioness (she would have been 62) – well it was yesterday but I am rubbish at updating this blog.

Funny sometimes you have a random conversation about something and then all of a sudden, it pops up again. I was talking about Elsa and Christian the Kings Road Lion. Then Born Free posted this.

Image Credit – Born Free Foundation

Please drop by the Born Free Foundation and see the truly amazing work they do.

Rest in Peace Joy and George Adamson – Thank you for being an inspiration.

Up & Rolling

My photo site has been down for a while, a few technically difficulties and it needed a revamp.
It is now up and rolling, bear with me while I get all the images added, a few older ones and some new ones are on their way. Including a short 360 degree video of my time in ‘The Jungle’ Calais former refugee camp.

Some big projects are also on the horizon starting with another trip back to Africa and a HUGE project that has been an ambition of mine that is starting to come together.

So thanks for everyone who keeps coming back to my work and to all the new people checking out my work for the first time.

There are going to be some grand adventures coming, so keep checking back for the updates. I’ll be getting social soon, Twitter and Facebook pages are on there way.